December 10, 2023

The leader of the National Unity Party and Prime Minister Ersin Tatar stated that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a legal government in Cyprus as much as the Greek Cypriot Administration, adding that the Greek Cypriot side escaping from acknowledging the reality is the most important obstacle restricting an agreement in Cyprus.
 According to the statement of the National Unity Party, Prime Minister Tatar stated “There are two languages, two people and two equal sovereign states in Cyprus. As the former Greek Cypriot President Yorgo Vasiliu expressed, the TRNC has all qualifications necessary for a state and is legal as much as the Greek Cypriot Administration. The Greek Cypriot side prevents not only reaching an agreement in Cyprus but also the development of relations between the two sides by their embargoes and hostile attitude. In fact, if it is not possible to reach an agreement based on two states, then both sides should consider developing cooperation in every field and establishing the best possible neighbourly relations based on the reality of two states and thus keeping the hope for an agreement alive.

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