Readers Mail

Another TFR Adventure on a Christmas Shopping Trip!

News came through of another day out for The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)  when they travelled to the south of the island for a Christmas shopping trip.

“From  Pamela Tschersich ….
TFR Events Manager ….

Border chaos…a very full lost wallet miraculously handed in by another TFR member to security, amazing luck.

A full coach travelled from Karşıyaka Square to Nicosia for the TFR Christmas shopping trip.  We knew the border would have its issues and we weren’t disappointed, as we expected the officials all have different versions of what we have been told we can expect,  but eventually we got across the border, some with 30 days and others with 90 days.  Hopefully soon everyone will be on the same page with the rules, but this is Cyprus… so don’t hold your breath!

We left the Mall to eat at the Hofbrau München with plenty of beer and wine to fortify ourselves for the run back.  Border control was quicker …. by then the same border officials looked at us and thought…. Oh God not them again!”