May 30, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

As I sit here, I listen to the sound of an ambulance rushing to carry some patient to hospital. For sure, quite a few times a day we all listen to the sirens of ambulances.

Sometimes, we just listen to the siren while sitting in our homes or at workplaces or schools, whereas frequently we become part of this exercise when we find an ambulance trying to find a way behind us on the road, in the traffic.  That really creates a short lived panic among the drivers on the road, as they struggle to manage to clear a way for the ambulance. Indeed it is not too easy for most of the drivers, as sometimes they find themselves forced to cross a red traffic light, or into the traffic coming from opposite direction.

A couple of days back one of my friends took one of his children to the emergency unit of a hospital. According to the narration that he gave, the waiting room in the emergency section was overfilled with patients waiting uneasily to be attended by the doctor. It was literally impossible for the medical staff there to attend to all quickly. Every patient, particularly those accompanying him/her wanted their patient to be attended to first or at high priority. The medical staff in the emergency section, had found a practical way out, by classifying the emergency patient in three groups.

The first were the top priority patients, which included the people injured in an accident of any type. They indeed deserved to be attended immediately when they reached the hospital.

The second group was of patients who needed attention immediately after the patients in the first group.

The third group was of those patients whose problem was not too serious, and could wait for their turn.

Every day we can find many such people in the emergency unit of the hospital, who consider themselves seriously sick, but in fact they are not. The reason is that some people get too excited and panic when they find themselves or some other member of their family feeling some pain or coughing, or getting cold etc. I call such people as common subscribers to the emergency units. They frequently visit the emergency section at odd hours of the night, although they could wait for the night to pass, and go to the policlinic the next morning. But they usually get too panicked, whereas they should keep in mind that by visiting the emergency section of the hospital they do create problems for other people having real serious problems to be treated by a doctor without any further loss of time.

There are some people, in my opinion, who simply feel relieved after being attended by a doctor. They feel uneasy and terribly sick until a doctor attends them. Half of their problem passes away, just when they find a doctor listening to them. The remainder of their worries simply evaporate, after using the medicines from the night medical stores. They feel themselves healthy after going through this exercise.

I believe that most of their day to day sickness can be done away with, only if we improve our immune system. Our immune system is the free gift of nature, implanted in our bodies for free, which works twenty four hours of the day, whether we are sleeping or awake. Our immune system does not make us wait in the emergency units of the hospitals.

Our immune system is just like a powerful and well trained army which stops the enemies at the border, and does not allow them to cross it. Even if the enemy forces manage to enter, a skilled, disciplined and well trained army immediately throws them out, with very little loss. This is how our immune system works.

All that we need is to make our immune system work. To make it work, we are supposed not to make it lazy. We have to keep it alert all the times. Just like armed forces. Our immune system gets stronger only if we discipline our lives. Disciplining our lives covers every action and every part of our lives, may it be eating, sleeping, walking, or anything. All that we have to do is to lead our lives in a healthier way and according to a preplanned schedule.

As I frequently say, we all bear pain, put our lives to the discipline as prescribed by the doctor, only after we get sick. It would be much easier and simple if we discipline our lives before getting sick. Disciplining our lives simply reduces chances of getting sick. All that we need is to ask ourselves, do we want to get sick and go through all the problems, or discipline ourselves not to get sick?

My answer is simple. I do not want to get sick.

What is yours?

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