June 9, 2023

Running a website for the past 7 plus years has been very hard and in addition to that, we now produce an online weekly e-newspaper with the latest 100th edition with a growing readership and it’s very nice when we receive words of thanks and encouragement as in the case of 13 year old Peri Sualp who had taken the time to make a video below to convey her feelings for what we do.

This week, I want to talk a little about Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard, the owners of CyprusScene – the renowned online weekly E-newspaper and website for Northern Cyprus.

Chris and Margaret both have been working really hard to publish the e-newspaper for almost two years. Recently they published the 100th issue of the online weekly e-newspaper. What an achievement! And they have been doing this every single week no matter what.

Unfortunately, they both had serious health issues recently but they never gave up on their commitment to the e-newspaper and loyalty to their followers. Their hard work is something to really be appreciated and admired. 

Being the youngest of their writers, I haven’t written every week, when I was supposed to, because of my school and outside school activities but Chris and Margaret never miss a day of Cyprusscene and show an incredible effort to it.

Yes, they do enjoy their job but it is very difficult to produce an issue each and every week and especially if you are not earning a penny in return. They deserve praise for all the effort in the realisation of the online weekly e-newspaper paper which is a great tool in the recognition of North Cyprus. 

I also would like to thank them for providing an opportunity for me to write my articles and be a young voice of my generation. 

I hope Cyprusscene continues to live for many more years to come.

Congratulations Chris and Margaret for the 100th issue!                                                                                                                          

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