Despite limited opportunities, road maintenance planned by end of 2019

Although there are limited opportunities, before the end of 2019, emergency repair and maintenance works on roads were initiated and planned at many problematic points. In addition to emergency repairs, some steps have been taken towards guardrails, road markings, signage and lighting deficiencies.

In this context; Ercan and Iskele junction maintenance and repair work has begun. The collapse, deformations and basic reinforced asphalt renewal work on this route are continuing.

In the Karpaz region, Kalecik-Çayırova areas, emergency repair and maintenance work has started. In the continuation of these works, Ziyamet-Kaleburnu Road, Yeni Erenköy and Yedikonuk connection roads are receiving general maintenance and repair work.

The Inonu-Vadili road maintenance and repair tender was completed on 7th November and the work will begin following the delivery of necessary materials..

The Şirinevler, Kozanköy mountain road, Ağırday, Alemdağ and surrounding areas, general repair and maintenance tender has been arranged and work will begin in these areas.

Doğancı Circle-Yesilyurt, Yeşilyurt-Lefke, Lefke-Genikonağı emergency repair and maintenance tenders were concluded. Renovation and repair work starts at these points.

Girne West Ring Road Stage I, tender was opened and following the tender process, the work will start.

Lefkosa, Fazil Kucuk Boulevard junction signalling and intersection arrangement tenders are being prepared. Following the tender process, the transformation of the intersection will begin.

Lefkosa, Fazıl Küçük Boulevard a general repair and maintenance tender is being prepared. After the tender, studies will begin for the problematic points of the boulevard.

Lavinium Sitesi entry-exit points construction cost calculation / project study work is completed. Following this, the tender process work will begin immediately.

The planned expansion and renovation project on the route from the roundabout at the entrance of Ercan Airport towards Gaziköy has been completed and the tender process starts.

Within the framework of ​​re-planning the route between Güzelyurt and Kalkanlı, including pedestrian and bicycle routes, the project work starts in cooperation with Güzelyurt Municipality and METU KK Campus. Following the completion of the planning, work will start on the relevant route.   General tender for guardrail, road lines and signage deficiencies has been concluded. In this context, contracts will be signed and work will begin shortly.

Finance is required in line with the need of repair / maintenance related to problematic road lighting throughout the country. A finance request was made to the Ministry. In the case of the Finance Ministry meeting our demand, the main artery lighting problems will be solved within 1 month in cooperation with KIB-Tek.

In addition to this, the remaining half of the projects supported by the Republic of Turkey are to be resolved with the coordination of the TRNC following studies by the General Directorate of Highways in respect of Iskele-Çayırova and North Lefkosa Ring Road projects of paving and other transactions and both projects are expected to be achieved by the end of the year.

Tolga Atakan

Minister of Public Works and Transportation