Yasin Saatci visited  Mayor Sadikoğlu at İskele Municipality

Yasin Saatci, the new Coordinator of the Development and Economic Cooperation Office of the Turkish Embassy in Lefkosa, visited İskele Municipality on 4th November, and met with Mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu in his office and received information about the projects that İskele Municipality continued with the contributions of Development and Economic Cooperation of Turkish Embassy in Lefkosa.  Specialist Bülent Koçak accompanied Saatci during his visit.

İskele Mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu introduced İskele to Yasin Saatci and provided information of Motherland Turkey’s assistance to the municipality and also about studies in local infrastructure.

Mayor Sadıkoğlu drew attention to the benefits that Northern Cyprus have received from the Turkish Republic and expressed his thanks to Turkey for the good relations with the Development and Economic Cooperation Office.

Source: İskele Municipality