Environment protection

2nd International Environment Conference attended by Minister Üstel

The Near East University, 2nd International Environment Conference started with the participation of academics and students. At the conference, which was organized by Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Gökçekuş, Sustainability and Life were discussed.

The conference ended on 11 October 2019. Speaking about the activities in our country with regard to a more liveable environment, Minister Üstel emphasized the importance of the conference by saying “I believe that the Environmental Conference will always guide us in the work of the Ministry”.

Üstel continued his speech as follows;

“Today, there is always a reality when environmental problems are discussed in the world.  The environment itself is not a problem, it is actually the problems that people create to the environment.  Therefore, when discussing the environment and producing solutions against pollution, focus needs to be made in respect of people-oriented solutions, otherwise, the solutions will be temporary and unresolved.

When we took over the task of the Ministry, we decided that a process which started especially with training regarding the environment would be the basis of all these studies and we gave priority to environmental awareness and education.  In the coming period, our studies will continue so that environmental courses can be included in the school curricula in very young age classes.

The expansion of these and similar facilities in our country and the increase of alternative disposal methods, which are supported by the Ministry, are among our targets.  We are working hard to make the inspection processes related to environmental problems even more effective.

I would also like to inform you that we are continuing to work on harmonization and regulation of legislation in the field of environment with the European Union.

Diversity and richness in the environment and the living things of the country where we live are common values of all of us.

The environmental problem is a universal problem. It is not only the problem of our neighbourhood, city and country.  We will always look at this issue with this consciousness. The environment is our common legacy.

In this context, in order to reach a more liveable environment, our government will continue our support and determination to protect the environment, which is the common value of humanity.

We are determined to bring about a more liveable environment, a wealth of natural life and a life where human health is protected as much as possible. I believe that we will achieve this by acting together with our environmental organisations.

We will continue our close cooperation with the universities which are the mainstay of our country in the field of environment. We will create a cooperation based on common sensitivity with our universities with regard to environmental problems. “

Source:  Ministry of Tourism and Environment