Ministry of Interior, Residence Permits and Visa Regulations



  • The duration of visa stay in the TRNC shall not exceed ninety days at any time.
  • Foreigners may be granted visas up to ninety days at the border gates and ports, depending on their type, if they indicate that they will leave the TRNC within the time limit and meet the other conditions in this regulation.
  • The Council of Ministers decides which citizens are required to obtain a visa before coming to the TRNC. The countries to which the TRNC applies visa regulations are: Armenia, Nigeria and Syria. Citizens of these countries are required to enter the TRNC by obtaining a visa from the TRNC representations abroad.
  • Those who are eligible for a visa to apply to one of the residence permit types are not required to demonstrate their departure.
  • No visa is required for entry into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from those who are legally permitted in the country and foreigners who have a residence permit exemption under Article 12.
  • Information or documents may be requested from foreigners applying for visas at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the ports of entry and comprehensive control may be carried out by the responsible unit.

Source: Ministry of the Interior

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