“All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Exactly fifty years ago John Lennon released his famous single, “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”, but it has been proved that neither prior to release of this song, nor after up to now, peace is no more. Human beings the world over dream of living in peace, but there are some who want  continuation of wars and blood shedding .

For the last 60 years of my life, I have never found a single day, when the whole world was at peace, and there was no blood shedding anywhere in the world. Unfortunately none of the people we see, meet or come across on social media, also have never had such a day in their lives.

In the post Second World War period, the venue of war shifted from Europe to non- European and non-American areas, but it never stopped. Start counting from the Korean war,  the most infamous Vietnam war,  the  French – Algerian war, the Arab-Israel wars, the Indıa – Pakistan war, the Afghanistan war,  the Iran–Iraq war,  the Persian Gulf war, the war in Bosnia, the invasion of Iraq by America, the invasion of Afghanistan by America, the ongoing wars in Syria, Yemen, etc. etc. and etc. The list goes on and on, since there are no hopes that the wars will ever stop. The history of  human beings is filled with wars.

It is not only just wars where human beings kill others, there is a long list of massacres and genocides, where one group of people kill others. The reasons for these massacres and genocides differ from place to place and from people to people. The spilling of human blood has never stopped throughout the history of the mankind.

With all these hysterical killings and blood shedding  going  on, there have always been people who stand for peace. They are the people who convey the message of friendship, mutual respect and mutual understanding among the people. They spread the message of brotherhood, and ask people to consider everyone their brother. In short they ask people not to kill others.

The message of peace is very simple, however unfortunately it has failed again and again. The peace movements erupt and make their own impact on the world events, yet in the end it is the war loving factions who win.

War has been considered as a means to achieve goals. Those countries and nations, who see others as a hurdle in achievement of their goals, simply go for killing them. For them it is very simple. They are the ones who want the wealth and natural resources of other places. They go for it, kill people, and get access to those natural resources.

But at the same time there are countries and nations who get financial gain from these wars. They sell the arms and ammunitions. For them continuation of wars mean continuation of economic activities of their own country, through sales of arms. For them stoppage of war means stoppage of production of their ammunition factories, affecting their overall economy badly. These are the countries who not only want wars to continue, but also create a war like situation among countries, making them buy their arms and ammunitions. There are hundreds of countries world over which, though even not involved in real war, stockpile arms of every kind, just because the sellers have made them believe in certain presumptions.

But with all this going on, the fact is that human beings in general always want peace in the world in general and in their lives in particular. We always need people like Martin Luther,  Nelson Mandela, and innumerable others who have spent their whole lives for the cause of peace.

In the end I would repeat again that

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”.