11th Ozanköy Pekmez Festival starts on Friday 30th August 2019

The 11th Ozankoy Pekmez Festival, which is organized in cooperation with Girne Municipality and Ozankoy Mukhtar, starts on Friday, August 30th. The festival, which is organized in order to contribute to the tourism promotion of the region, the continuation of carob and molasses production, will end on Sunday (September 1st). During the festival, molasses will be produced during the three days and will be distributed. The festival will include handcrafted food and beverage stands. There will be a presentation of poems of Osman Türkay’s, Molasses Sweets Contest and a presentation about  the health benefits of molasses will be given at the festival.  Entertainment will be provided by Girne Municipality Folk Dance Group, Cyprus Folk Dance and Art Center and Orak Culture Arts and Education Center Folk Dance Show. The festival also include music from Tunç Yükler, Estrellas Latinas, The Healers, Dilara Ferit & Adrenal, Ipek Amber, and after many years, Kurtalan Ekspres,  from Turkey, will give a concert.


The festival will open at 19.00 on Friday, August 30th. Speeches – After the Tour of the Stands and Shira Catering, Girne Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble Show at 19:30, Tunç Yükler concert at 19:45, Cyprus Folk Dance and Art Center show at 20:45 and Estrellas Latinas concert at 21:00.

Saturday, August 31 at 19:00 The Healers music concert ; at 20:15 Orak Culture Arts and Education Center Folk Dance Show and poet Osman Türkay’s poems will be presented. The same night the Dilara Ferit and Adrenal concert will be held at 21:15.

On Sunday, September 1, at 19:00, the presentation of the Molasses Desserts Competition and a presentation of the benefits of molasses to our health will take place ; the Ipek Amber concert at 19:30 ; Çatalköy Municipality Folk Dance show  at 19:30. Following the announcement of the results of the desserts with molasses contest at 21:00, Kurtalan Ekspres will give a final concert at 21:15.