No Hydrocarbon agreement but demand joint committee for Maraş/Varosha

Thank you to Yusuf Kanarya for allowing us to reproduce this Facebook comment about the hypocrisy displayed by the Greek Cypriot Administration.

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From Yusuf Kanarya …

What hypocrisy

While the leader of the South is rejecting the offer for a joint committee on the hydrocarbon issue he is expecting the Turkish Cypriot side to agree for a joint committee on Maraş/Varosha. If this is not hypocrisy then what is?

Everybody knows why the Greek Cypriots are rushing for the resumption of the negotiations. Even though they don’t want to share anything with the Turkish Cypriots they know that they are losing the battle. They know that the status quo cannot carry on forever.

Their biggest dream is for Turkey to leave Cyprus. One thing for sure is that this will never happen. It is too late. All their actions are around this. The hydrocarbon project has hit them very hard. Just when they thought they were holding the upper hand, now are restrained in pursuing that project. And the decision by the TRNC government to open Maraş under the Turkish Cypriot administration was the finishing touch. It shows you how out of touch the Greek Cypriot administration is.

History is repeating itself. They invited Turkey in 1974, they are inviting Turkey now. Let’s hope everything will be resolved peacefully this time. The advice to our compatriots in the South is: accept the reality that Turkish Cypriots are the other co-owners of this beautiful island, accept the reality that Cyprus is not a Greek Island, and come to terms with living side by side with the Turkish Cypriots.


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  1. As far as they are concerned they are the only ones with any rights in this world. Why not,they are given everything they ask for. The Turkish people always had to fend for themselves so we must cary on fending as always.