Cancer and mental health discussed at Eastern Mediterranean University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Faculty of Medicine of Eastern Mediterranean University recently organised a meeting with the title  “Cancer and Mental Health”.  The meeting was organised in collaboration with the Tulips  “Cancer Patients Society”.

According to the press release of the University, the meeting was attended by the members of the faculty, officials of the Cancer Patients Society, cancer patients and their friends and family members. Taking the floor during the meeting, EMU Dr. Fazıl Küçük Faculty of Medicine, Dean Prof. Dr Nahide Gökçora, stated that psychological support is an important part of cancer treatment: “Cancer should no longer be perceived as solely a physical disease. New scientific research shows that psychiatry should play a part in cancer treatment and even cancer prevention.”

left : Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) President Raziye Kocaismail

During the meeting, Psychologist Dr. Pelin Erbil answered questions directed her way, indicating that some studies have found that quiet and introverted people are more prone to cancer and that depression and anxiety are the most common problems after diagnosis. Dr. Erbil emphasized that in these situations psychiatric help should be received and antidepressant use under doctor control is useful: “Keeping morale high increases conformity to treatment and the chance of success. Therefore, patients should seek professional help rather than withdrawing into their shell and staying at home in a depressed manner. They should continue their occupation, be careful about their diet and play an active role in their communities. The patient should carry out tasks to the best of their ability and have hobbies. It has been proven that meditation techniques can positively affect the psychology of patients. Therefore motivation to live can be kept high and the vicious cycle of depression can be broken.” The meeting also touched upon the importance of holistic approaches to psychological counselling and motivational work for health personnel in oncology centers.

Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) President Raziye Kocaismail emphasized that the most important step in treatment is psychological health indicating that it is important to be preoccupied. Stating that patients shouldn’t refrain from seeking professional help, Kocaismail noted that it is very useful to be in environments with positive people who make you happy.