Kaleburnu-Sipahi Road, Stage 2 Construction Project completed

The Kaleburnu-Sipahi road project, funded by the Republic of Turkey and tendered by the TRNC Department of Highways Directorate reached the end of Stage 2 – Construction project.

Construction of the 2nd stage of the foundation and asphalt surfacing works were completed on the road which started in January 2019. The road edge filling works are completed on the 6km section of the 7.8km road, while steel crash barriers, concrete channel and retaining wall construction work continues.

The road is covered with 23,112 tons of plant mix foundation and 8,962 tons of asphalt. The concrete ditch and stone retaining wall work on the road, as well as 1,400 meters of auto crash barrier, will be carried out.

Phase 1 work, which consisted of foundation works of the road, was completed on 31 May 2017. The Kaleburnu-Sipahi road will cost approximately 7.5 million TL with the completion of the 2nd Stage work with the tender completed on 16 November 2018 and the contract was signed with the contractor company on 28 December 2018.

If the weather permits, all works are to be completed within the prescribed period.

The tender for the elimination of the damages caused by rainfall on the Lefkosa-Girne Highway was completed, and the work has started.

Source ; Ministry of Public Works and Transportation