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Güngördü welcomes award-winning Olive Oil Producer

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, welcomed Hakan Temizyürek who has won gold medals in two international competitions held in London and Italy, with the extra virgin olive oil he produced.

In his speech, Nidai Güngördü said that olive trees are decreasing every year in the country and he believes that the awards won will be an example for olive and olive oil producers and will increase their motivation. Güngördü stated that they organized the Olive Festival for the protection and proliferation of olive trees and Hakan Temizyürek participated in the seminars organised within the scope of the festival. Güngördü said that they are happy and proud that the products from olives collected from the Girne region bring awards.

Hakan Temizyürek said that the award-winning olive oil is produced from Cyprus olives the aroma and taste of which are between 150 and 800 years old. As well as his own land, Hakan Temizyürek rents land in different regions of Ozanköy and Girne. Temizyürek explained that they produced 4 tons of olive oil last year and the goal is to continue to produce high quality olive oil and to export the product.