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8th International Olive Cartoon Contest

The selection committee was introduced at the information meeting for the 8th International Olive Cartoon Contest within the scope of the 18th Olive Festival.

The jury presentation and information meeting of the International Olive Cartoon Contest, which will be held within the scope of the 18th Olive Festival this year, was held in cooperation with Girne Municipality and Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association at the Grand Pasha Hotel, Girne.  At the meeting, the selection committee was given information about the 8th Olive Cartoons competition this year.  458 artists from 61 countries have participated – Serbia, Kosovo, Israel, Turkey and includes world-famous cartoon artists from Cyprus.

The submitted works were suspended for one week, after being evaluated, to 14th June. The final results will be announced after the expiration of the appeal period to determine whether the participating works have been used elsewhere. There was an exhibition at Girne Ramadan Cemil Square where there were caricatures of the jury members and a workshop where live drawings were made.

In his speech at the meeting, Mayor of Girne and Honorary Chairman of the Competition Selective Committee, Nidai Güngördü, drew attention to the fact that the participation of the valuable jury members from abroad increased every year. Nidai Güngördü emphasized that the municipality has been doing important work on culture and art issues for the last 5 years and that this competition is the most important one. Stating that cartoons contribute to world peace, love and tolerance, Güngördü said, “The light of art will spread from Girne. An important event from a small country gives the world an important message.”

Serhan Gazioğlu, the President of the Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association, drew attention to the fact that the press did not show interest in an event that would contribute to international recognition. Serhan Gazioglu said “Cartoon is the art of criticism and bothers some people and for that reason they do not participate,” he added that in participation of many festivals, products are often destroyed. Gazioğlu requested that the art of caricature and the International Olive Cartoon Contest be supported.

Jugoslav Vlahovic pointed out that the works in the cartoon contests have been forever published and said, “The artists of the world are eagerly awaiting the works that come to this contest.

Boris Erenburg said that it is easier to reach the contests thanks to the internet, while the cartoon contests are decreasing in the world. “the incoming works will be examined by the jury to see if they are used elsewhere”.

Gani Sunduri, Politicians generally do not look favourably on such events, but Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü gives it great importance, he said. Sunduri said that the Olive Festival and the cartoon competition, under its auspices, are known in Kosovo and have always been on the agenda.

Ismail Kar said that Cyprus, a small country, addressed the world about the olive thanks to the cartoon contest. “It is good to announce peace and love to the world through the olive”.

Serpil Kar said that the art of caricature is one of the most effective ways of expression and that she is following this competition.  She said, “like the olive tree, I wish this competition to develop and grow”.

Musa Kayra, despite the economic problems in the country and the problems experienced in the postal service, they had a successful competition process.

Huseyin Cakmak, next year, as well as olives, they are thinking about a free subject participation.