Art and Culture

International Olive Cartoon Contest, Jury Meeting – 11th June 2019

The jury preview and assessment meeting of the 8th International Olive Cartoon Contest, organized within the scope of the 18th Olive Festival to be held this year, is being held at the Grand Pasha Hotel on 11 June at 11:00am.

The jury for the competition this year who will be judging 1028 submissions by  458 cartoonists from 61 countries include from Israel – Boris Erenburg, Kosovo – Gani Sundura, Serbia – Jugoslav Vlahovic, Turkey – Ismail Kar and Serpil Kar, Cyprus – Nidai Güngördü (Honorary President), Hüseyin Çakmak, Derman Atik, Serhan Gazioglu, Devran Oztunc and Musa Kayra. The jury members will judging the drawings at Ramadan Cemil Square on Wednesday, June 12 at 18:00pm.