Children’s Rights discussed at Eastern Mediterranean University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The developments of present times are moving so quickly and bringing changes in all social and cultural norms the world over, that often the children have been left behind regarding their rights and position in society.

A panel at the Eastern Mediterranean University recently discussed the different dimensions of children’s rights.

The session consisted of two sessions where papers regarding different aspects of children’s rights were read and discussed by the noted scholars and legal experts on the topic.

Speaking during the opening of the event, which attracted a great deal of interest, EMU Faculty of Law Dean Prof. Dr. Metin Gürkanlar stated: “Children are extremely important, they are our everything, they are our future. Therefore we need to ask if we are cherishing them or treating them correctly”. Emphasizing that it mustn’t be forgotten that children are people who are yet to complete their development, Prof. Dr. Gürkanlar also expressed his opinions regarding what opportunities and legal rights should be provided to children. Expressing that the healthy development of children isn’t just the responsibility of parents Prof. Dr. Gürkanlar highlighted that the state also has an important role to play in this regard.

Following the opening speeches, presentations were delivered by Hacettepe Medicine Faculty academic staff member Prof. Dr. Orhan Derman (Steps of Child Development), EMU Board of Trustees President Boysan Boyra (Juvenile Justice System in the TRNC) and Judge Gökten Koçoğlu (Approaches to Children in Turkey’s Jurisdiction) under the moderation of EMU Faculty of Law academic staff member Prof. Dr. Turgut Turhan

The second session commenced at 14:30. Presentations were delivered by Retired Judge Özcan Güven (Execution of Law Specifically for Children), Lawyer Şahin Antakyalıoğlu (Child Protection System in Turkey) and Social Services Specialist Zeynep Mutlu (Children and Social Services).