Share your event news with CyprusScene to reach a bigger world

By Chris Elliott….

For many years now Margaret Sheard has been producing a weekly North Cyprus Events Calendar which includes all of the event news that contributors care to send us with the proviso that this is received by our Wednesday evening cut off time.

These events are then published in our weekly events calendar (click here for example) on a Thursday and then imminent events are shown in our online enewspaper which you can download, an example here.

For other people or organisations that want their event news included in our website weekly posting or weekly online newspaper, please don’t delay and risk disappointment, by sending your news to CyprusScene.com by email to kyreniacommentator@cyprusscene.com

If you have posters for events, we also have a weekly events calendar database where both text, poster and geo-location can be shown and depending on the event, we may even be able to publish this as an article as well, like the example below, which may help to boost promotion.