Environment protection

Temiz Kibris,  A Clean Cyprus News Update 28th May

By Chris Elliott…..

More great news posted on Temiz Kibris/A Clean Cyprus Facebook page by Diane Suyunshalina as shown under and it just goes to show that there are those who can get things done and not just talk about it and expect someone else to take responsibility.Team work is what counts and these wonderful people are displaying plenty of it.

“On 26th May.2019 a group of volunteers cleaned unknown beach at Akdeniz area. At first, we wanted to load the rubbish bags to our jeeps, but there were so much of it, that we realized that we couldn’t do it.

We asked Lapta Belediye mayor Mustafa Aktuğ, and next day he sent a truck and Lapta Belediye men took everything.

We want to express our appreciation to the people who really care for the Northern Cyprus environment.”