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Temiz Kıbrıs / A Clean Cyprus have Dedicated volunteers

Introduction by Chris Elliott…

It’s good to see in a posting on the Temiz Kıbrıs / A Clean Cyprus Facebook page that so many people are still working together to make a difference and this is what they posted.

By Diana Suyunshalina….

Dedicated volunteers!

We Girne Iyilik Gonulluleri are happy to announce that today Sunday 26th May there were two cleanups going on at the same time. More and more people are realising that to live in a clean environment is their responsibility. 

The creative people of Studio ONIKI organised a cleanup at the Esentepe beach. They have generously offered drinks to everyone who joined them. Around 25 volunteers came to help them. 

And around 25 volunteers joined us today at Akdeniz Beach. Our friends Eugeny and Dmitry acquired jeeps to get down to the beach, as it was the only way to access the area. And our friends of SPOT also joined us with their jeep. It was a lot of fun. 

Together with such people, we will make this beautiful country the cleanest and most beautiful, but how quickly we do it depends on all of us. We are all volunteers, and we need more people. There are still a lot of places that still need cleaning, and unfortunately, a lot of people continue throwing rubbish all over the place.

We don’t expect people to change overnight, but it would be easier to convince them not to do it so if there would be more of us. If you can’t participate in the cleanups, you can contribute food, drink, bin bags, gloves or by providing transportation (car, bus, petrol) etc, any help is appreciated.

Even if you just share or like our posts, you are already making a big difference. If you’d like to live in a clean environment just make it clean, it’s not that difficult. Even one person, for only one hour, can make a very dirty place nice and clean.

You can write to us and we will try to come, or at least we will make an announcement; most likely several people would show up. We can’t change the whole world, but we can change Northern Cyprus. Thank you to Turgay Deniz the head of the TRNC Chamber of Commerce and Necat Yüksel the council member for the bags. And thank you to all the volunteers. 

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