En Moda Top Fashion International Award Ceremony 2019

The En Moda Magazine International Award Ceremony 2019, which is traditionally organized every year by En Moda Productions, and continues to take place on the international platform, was launched at a meeting at Lords Palace Hotel, Girne on 22nd May 2019.

As was the case in the past year, the En Moda international award ceremony, which is world famous, will continue to be the most comprehensive award ceremony in the Mediterranean.

The event will be hosted by Özer AKKELEŞ and Hadiza ZAKARİ. Participating will be Nil Burak, Osman Alkaş, Anda Adam, Claydee, Adam Clay, Shiraz, Andrea, Mario Joy, Eylem, Olga Napoli, Rana Samaha, Rufat İsmail, Görkem Çırakoğlu, Andreea D., Andrew. On Wednesday 12th June  2019, at 21.00 hours, at Lords Palace Hotel the event will be held at the Odyssey Club, sponsored by Remax Golden, PoggenPohl Kitchens, Lord’s Palace Hotel, Vodafone, Princess Beauty Salon and Odyssey Club.

The Top Fashion International Award Ceremony will be attended by world-famous names as well as successful businessmen and businesswomen who will receive corporate awards.


L to R – Yusuf Ekinci, Nesime Serman, Hadiza Zakari, Ozer Akkeles, Ferah Bulut and Ipek Akol