KARMA (The law of cause and effect) by Nick Vye

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Many people today have heard the word karma mentioned in people’s conversation or read it in a book. Not many are aware of what it actually relates to.

Karma means whatever the situation or experience one has with families, loved ones or friends, whether good or bad, we are indebted to pay for this action. Hence the old biblical saying (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth), every action has a consequence that results most of the time as karma – the law of cause and effect. So each lifetime we must repay the debt of the action we created before.

Oriental religions mention this in their teachings and people in these countries accept the situation they find themselves in due to actions or deeds they performed previously. This is why some are rich, some poor, some healthy, some ill, etc. It depends either on your karma, or the experiences you need to progress on your own spiritual journey.

I will write more on this deep subject in a later article.

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