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“Innovations in Emergency” Symposium organised

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The 3rd Emergency Service Symposium with the title of “Innovations in Emergency”, was recently organised as a result of cooperation between the Near East University Hospital and the TR Emergency Medicine Specialists’ Association. The Symposium was held at Hall No. 4 of the NEU Library. Numerous specialists of the field from Turkey and TRNC attended the symposium. The symposium was comprised of issues related to Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

The symposium was held in two sessions, namely “Information” and ” Application”.

According to the information released by the University The Chairs of the Symposium were Prof. Dr. Başar Cander, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gül from TR Emergency Medicine Specialists` Association and Assist. Prof. Dr Emel Erkuş Sirkeci from Head of Department of Emergency Medicine of Near East University Hospital and the symposium was focused on innovative and updated technological developments, changing treatment protocols in emergency, innovations in resuscitation and non-invasive suturing methods. The symposium, which consisted of two panels, Specialist Doctor İpek Gülin Ağar shared information on changing treatment protocols in emergency; Specialist Doctor Koray Kadam shared innovations in resuscitation; and Specialist Doctor Elif Burcu Garda gave information about non-invasive suture methods. In the second session of the symposium, Prof. Dr. Başar Cander provided details regarding basic life support, whereas Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gül shared theoretical and practical information on advanced cardiac life support.

At the end Assist. Prof. Dr. Emel Erkuş Sirkeci made a speech and expressed that they were quite happy to host the symposium. She added that the symposium and all efforts were due to the Near East University`s mission to be the follower, supporter and shareholder of all the innovations made and to be made in the field of medicine.