June 30, 2022

Great news this week from Temiz Kibris – A Clean Cyprus when a multi national group went to Ronnas Bay in the Karpaz on 17th April 2019 to undertake a major beach clean.

The organisers of this group, including Diana Suyunshalina, have worked hard over the past months arranging cleaning events in conjunction with local authorities and raising public awareness and at this event President Mustafa Akinci was there to add his congratulations on a job well done and this is what Diana had to say.  

We made a history!! It was a great day!!  More than 500 people (mostly students from schools and universities) participated in our cleanup.

The President of Northern Cyprus, Mustafa Akinci, the Mayor of Yeni Erenkoy, Emrah Yesilirmak, and Abdullah Aktolgali of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment were with us.

We all agreed to meet and to do more cleaning projects. A big thank to Mustafa Aktug the Mayor of Lapta for providing us with a bus.

And thank you to our friends, Mehmet Fatih Hüseyinoğlu the Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies of University of Kyrenia, and Dr Robin Snape, North Cyprus Society for Protection of Turtles, Committee Member and Post-doctoral Researcher at University of Exeter, who organized this cleanup. You did a great job. From now on we are all together.

Soon there will be more and more environmental projects. And thank you to all the students and the people who did the cleaning. Without you nothing would have happened. 

We would like to invite all the people who care for this beautiful island to join our group TEMİZ KIBRIS on Facebook or WhatsApp.”

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