TRNC News 11th April 2019

Candan: “Sports activities have great importance”

Speaking at the General Council of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Deputy of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Armağan Candan stated that sports activities have great importance and should not suffer discrimination through the political arena.

Attending the General Council meetings as the Representatives of the TRNC Assembly, CTP Deputy Armağan Candan and National Unity Party (UBP) Gazimağusa Deputy Hamza Ersan Saner attended the presentation of the report entitled “Stop hate speech and acts of hatred in sport”

Following the presentation of the report, Candan addressed the General Council. Stressing that the Turkish Cypriots have been excluded from international sports activities and were not able to attend the Olympic Games, Candan pointed out that the Turkish Cypriots being excluded and subject to discrimination cannot be accepted.

In his speech, Candan called on the international organizations such as UEFA, FIFA and the International Olympic Committee to produce a system to end the discrimination and exclusion imposed on the Turkish Cypriots.