A fond farewell to Pamela Campbell

By Chris Elliott…..

On Saturday 30th March I went along to St Andrews Church, Kyrenia for a memorial service for Pamela Campbell who passed away on 15th April 2018 in the UK.

Pamela Campbell

I had been invited to attend the service by her daughter Vanessa Parr who I had met at St Andrews Hermitage together with her mother and father Peter in 2012 when they were visiting North Cyprus and they told me some very interesting things about Cyprus when they were living here.  Pamela was the St Andrews Church Secretary from 1985 to 1987 and was happy to talk about the past and how North Cyprus had changed since then.

One of the fascinating things Pamela told me was about her father Sgt Reginald Evans and his DCM (Distinguished Conduct Medal) which was the second highest medal and was instituted in 1854 during the Crimean War for gallantry and was in use until 1993 and the family were all very proud of him but also so pleased to talk about how he overcame the trauma of war and a very serious injury to go on to lead a full and happy life.

I wrote an article in the Cyprus Observer in 2012 about our meeting and her father and will be republishing that very soon as it’s such a fascinating true life story and a tribute to people who overcome life changing problems.

After that meeting I had many emails from Pamela including copies of her news letters to friends and relatives and I was so impressed with this lady who was so full of caring for others and also a fascinating writer of great talent.

I think the life of Pamela Campbell is best summed up by her daughter Vanessa who arranged for the following article to be published by the Daily Mail on the eve of the family’s arrival in Northern Cyprus.