Vounos works were exhibited at the Girne Art Gallery

The Vounos International Terracotta Exhibition was opened at the Girne Municipality Art Gallery.

Girne Municipality Art Gallery hosted the works prepared by Rauf Ersenal and coordinated by Çatalköy Municipality at the Vounos International Terracotta Symposium. It was open to the public until 12th March.

Speaking at the opening, Girne and Çatalköy Municipality Artistic Director Derman Atik expressed his interest in the exhibition which opened at the Girne Art Gallery following the exhibition at the Bedesten in Lefkosa and thanked those who contributed to the project.

Project coordinator Rauf Ersenal, who began the project in cooperation with Çatalköy Municipality said excavations were carried out in the 1930s in the Vounous region, 5,000 years after the emergence of the region.  He also stated that the people of the region sent messages to the future with their works of art to live on and by producing replicas we are promoting the continuation of this culture.

Çatalköy Mayor Mehmet Hulusioğlu stated that Northern Cyprus has an advantage in terms of the old works and that this situation should contribute to the promotion of  tourism and country’s economy. Hulusioğlu pointed out that there are works waiting to be discovered under the ground, and they can be brought up and exhibited together with the existing works.  Hulusioglu, also stated that steps should be taken to bring back the works which have gone overseas.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that by producing replicas of the works which are now overseas the past can be revived and the life and culture of the period can be seen.   Girne and Çatalköy Municipalities cooperate especially in the areas of art and culture.  There are not only casinos and hotels in Girne and Çatalköy, which are tourist areas but also there are people who add value to art. There are those who come to attend these exhibitions. We create awareness and make a difference by making culture and art available, he said.