Reviews award to Nevra Caglar and Engin Dervişaĝa of BRTK

By Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard….

A Celebration and 55 years of Bayrak, Bayrak, Bayrak….

It has been a fantastic 55 year journey for Bayrak from when it first started broadcasting on a radio transmitter from a Lefkosa garage way back in 1964 with the call sign Bayrak, Bayrak Bayrak to give messages and news to the local inhabitants during those very difficult times.

The voice of the Turkish Cypriot people have continued to broadcast news and reviews in Turkish and  with some English channels which reach out around the world .

Margaret Sheard and I, as amateurs, have been doing our utmost for almost 7 years to promote news and reviews in English about the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and its communities on our CyprusScene website and now through our free weekly  online enewspaper.

So it was with great pleasure that we met Nevra Caglar and Engin Dervişaĝa, who are doing so much to promote English language News and Reviews on Bayrak International Radio and Television, to present them with the CyprusScene Award of appreciation..

Nevra Caglar has worked for BRT for 25 years and, as a DJ, she has two highly successful radio shows “Music Station” and “Cinemania” and was recently awarded a 25 year service award by BRTK at the prestigious Golden Tulips Hotel in Lefkosa.

There is also a new Bayrak International Radio Facebook page that is awe inspiring in its daily publishing of news and reviews, newspaper headlines plus important facts for local and worldwide readers and all in English.

Engin Dervişaĝa has worked for BRT for 21 years and currently directs and produces a series of outside TV interviews on his “VOX POP” programme which are in English with the addition of Turkish subtitles and includes his famed interview with Paris Hilton.

He is also a DJ and co-produces a weekly radio show “Top 20” with DJ Bora.

This past year has seen great success for Engin Dervişaĝa including his famed interview with Paris Hilton and receiving an Appreciation Award in Turkey at the 2018 TRNC – TURKEY BEST OF THIS YEAR AWARD CEREMONY.

Helping others is important to Engin Dervişaĝa and he is a committee member and Education Officer for the Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association.

For more news from BRTK please go to Bayrak International Radio, Facebook page or BRTK website.