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John Aziz Kent’s view of Greek Cypriot Administration continued abuse of its EU membership

Readers mail….
John Aziz Kent….

Thank you CyprusScene for publishing the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s comments about the  Greek Cypriots Administration’s continued  abuse of its  EU s membership  but the EU should be criticized for allowing them to insult the whole World with their Continued Lies. (as reported under)

“Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that in the joint declaration adopted at the 5th Summit of the Southern European Union Countries, the commendation of the so-called efforts by the Greek Cypriots regarding the settlement process in Cyprus and the expression of support for their unilateral hydrocarbon activities in the Eastern Mediterranean clearly displays the continuation of the Greek Cypriot administration’s abuse of its EU membership.”. To read more click here.

One would think the EU is encouraging them for reasons known to themselves to make it more difficult than they have been doing since 2004 when they took unjustly the Half Greek Cyprus island in as EU member and promised the Turkish side all sorts of help by lifting all Embargoes until a Based on TRUTH  SOLUTION to the 70 years ongoing problem could be found.

Personally I don’t  believe the UN or most certainly not the EU  for wanting to find a solution, if they did they could come out and tell the TRUTH to the world in a clear language instead of using Diplomatic  language that we or the ordinary public don’t understand.

Best wishes

John Aziz Kent,
Honorary President
TRNC Hoteliers Association

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  1. If anyone thinks that the Island can be reunited think again. I served there in the 50’s and the two peoples hate each other.