July 1, 2022


By Peri Sualp…..

Hello once again to all readers. 

This week I want to tell you all about how and why the human mind releases bad energy to your whole body. This is the process called:  Being stressed! 

Everyone gets stressed at some point, especially busy people! The reason why is because busy people have lots of jobs and information to deal with. They have authorised places to go to! They can’t manufacture certain work they have to do. So what actually causes stress?

  1. OUR MIND- Our human brain carries and relocates a lot of intelligence and knowledge 24/7. In between all of this, you feel depressed and weak and most importantly, tired!  When that happens your brain without controlling puts weird and confusing things into your mind. Some might be scary or confusing, and your brain does that a lot! When it’s tired, weak, sad or confused, your brain just stops thinking and gets all these creepy verdicts and thoughts in your mind!  That sucks! “You’ll never make it to the top!”  “There’s someone behind you!” “Take one more step you’re dead!”  So trust me you’re not a terrified freak. You’re just like the rest of us! 
  2. ANY MAJOR STRESSFUL WORK – What I mean by major stressful work is like if something happened to someone or you have a presentation to show to 600 people, that is the common stress we all have.  We are automatically turning back to number one! In these personal times, our brain can’t stop putting these obsessive thoughts into our minds which terrifies us and we get stress. We focus on failure instead of succeeding! 
  3. TIME- Time is one of the worst things in the stress category!  Why? Because you cannot change it! You cannot go back to the past, you cannot underestimate time because it is the most common problem people have (busy or not!) Having all these jobs and places you have to be while you’re dealing with other personal problems is the worst thing! Here is a question… is money more important than time? Well… NO! Money is not even compared to time. You can earn money, but you can’t earn time. I might be only 13 but I do understand the proper common sense between everything compared to time.

Quick advice… 

We are all animals. Animals focus on 3 things only.

  1. Trying to stay alive 
  2. Surviving
  3. Producing 

The only time animals get stressed is when there are predators around them (which means other animals that can kill them) so if there are no predators around you why should you be stressed. I know it will be hard to not be stressed but at least try to not get stressed by the weird thoughts in your mind heading to the failure, try not to focus so much on the failure, instead try to focus on succeeding and achieving what you earn and try to make a proper schedule and control your plans/jobs. I promise if you follow my advice you will not be as stressed as you used to be. 

Thank you for reading my article once more.

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