CyprusScene Enewspaper one year on.


By Chris Elliott…..

Well it’s just over a year since we published our first online enewspaper and so much has happened since then and is still developing.

Margaret Sheard and I had both had experience of writing in local newspapers and although we were running our CyprusScene website I had the dream of producing a new newspaper and having the expertise and news and reviews found someone who would arrange for the setting up and printing of what we provided.

Sadly as expats often experience, they find themselves no longer involved in a project, as we did. No matter Margaret and I quickly learned page making and within a couple of weeks we started publishing our own online enewspaper with the first issue on 2nd December 2017 and during this past week we published Issue 58.

So what are the pros and cons of either a conventional newspaper or enewspaper?

It would seem that all newspapers in North Cyprus are hard pressed and rely heavily on advertising revenue to offset the high cost of printing and distribution and by the very nature of the beast they have no clear understanding of who reads what and have to rely on sales figures as a yardstick of their success or otherwise.

The online enewspaper as we found does not have the weekly high costs of printing and distribution and we, like others, just need to press hard to obtain a growing online readership.

The system we use has a virtual reality reader where you can turn pages of the enewspaper and perhaps one of the issues in North Cyprus is we have unstable internet and with local mobile users being in the region of 40% plus of visitors they may be frustrated with slow loading depending on time of day.

No problem, we looked at that issue and have now made it far simpler as visitors can download a file which is free and it can be printed or shared.

It takes time to build a readership and we feel we have the equivalent readership enjoyed by the two past newspapers with which we were involved and of course without the high costs involved in printing a newspaper.

In many ways a newspaper layout presents opportunities to promote many things which we have been doing and hope do more as well as on our sister website

One of the big advantages of having an online enewspaper is that it can be read around the world and not just in North Cyprus which is so important.

So where does the future of CyprusScene lie…Well clearly it will continue and grow in prominence with more and more people asking us to publish their news and reviews and if there are any budding newshounds out there who would like to help us do drop us a line.

As a indication of how we have grown and matured we are placing links below so you can read our first six enewspapers plus our latest issue and if you want to read more, click on this link to visit our website library page where all issues can be accessed and read online or downloaded Enewspaper Issue 1             December 2nd 2017 Enewspaper issue 2             December 8th 2017 Enewspaper Issue 3             December 15th 2017 Enewspaper Issue 4             December 22nd 2017 Enewspaper Issue 5            December 29th 2017 Enewspaper Issue 6             January 5th 2018 Enewspaper Issue 58           January 5th 2019


Strangely enough with the preparation we make to publish online from the design file you can download,  with a variation we could start printing a newspaper again!

Life like the world goes in cycles!

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