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A New Years present for that very Special Lady


Feza Aygin Sanivar the lady who makes paper from Bougainvillea petals and many other materials will be showing her hand made soaps and exquisite paper earrings outside Supreme Supermarket, Catalkoy on Thursday 27th December from 10.30am.

This is an ideal opportunity for those special ladies or their admirers to buy something special for the New Year celebrations.

Margaret Sheard published an article about Feza Aygin Sanivar in which she wrote:

We were invited to talk with Feza Aygin Sanivar about her innovative art of paper making and we went along to her home to learn more about Feza and her very original and creative hobby.

Chris made a short video and you can read the full article about Feza in her lovely garden demonstrating her paper making procedure by clicking here




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