Life’s Spiritual Journey


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

We come into this world in an undeveloped state, as babies we see and hear but can’t relate that only by our eye movement and mumbled sounds. Then we learn to walk and speak the odd word and then a sentence.

We are in the world of our parents and what they perceive becomes part of our own initial beingness. The next stage of our development is at infant school, where we learn to share and be amongst other children and learn the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

These are all impressions that affect our behaviour mode and start the process of our individuality. As we grow up through the various stages, we have many of the same experiences our parents had. By the time we go through the emotional hormonal stage, we then start to have our own opinions and beliefs that differ maybe from our parents.

Now at high school we are taught about other people’s knowledge and discoveries. To read more about the world and explore our own, likes and dislikes. Our basic character is already formed. At college or university we discover close bonds with our other opposites and the feelings of love and connections with closeness become apparent.

The next stage can be engagement that eventually may lead to marriage and starting your own family that begins the whole process all over again.

This is only a brief summary of our earlier life and what happens to us. The point I’m now coming to is that this journey so far and the experiences and lessons you have learned are mostly through your parents, upbringing, schools, friends, education, etc. Most of this is not your experience but someone else’s, so it is second hand so to speak.

To find our real self we must, like a computer, wipe the disc clean of all that second hand stuff and start to reload after cleaning the mind and memories of its inputs, which was not put there by us personally but by the impressions and knowledge of others.

We must start again this time as fully developed individuals and install our own findings. This is the initial starting point of our true spiritual development. Here we learn to be still and quiet and focused just on our beingness and not all the impressions that are flooding into our minds and senses. The experience is now totally our own and we become aware that we are more than just a body with flesh and blood but we have a spirit and soul which is our true state  and doesn’t die at the end of our lives. It continues in another state of consciousness somewhere else on a different plane of beingness.This may continue for many lifetimes as we become more aware of what we really are.

Soul is indestructible like a perfect atom that can be split but never destroyed. This is such a vast subject that one can only scratch the surface. I’m just trying to give the basics of it, so as individuals they can decide for themselves if it’s the journey they would like to discover. Once the awareness makes this first discovery then the other states of being can be experienced and the illusion of what we think is our life can be overcome.

We then start to think and feel differently than before. We become more focused in the Now and our lives become more meaningful and have greater purpose. We learn we are part of all things here and everywhere and universally connected.

The spiritual journey is not an easy one but then nothing of any worthwhile value is. We are all living a spiritual life, ether we are aware of it or not. At some lifetime we will start to ask questions within ourselves and become more aware we are soul with spirit.

This is my own discovery and your journey to it will be different but there are many similarities along the journey’s path to this discovery.

Thanking you all, with love light and peace to everyone.

Nick Vye Sanctuary.