Building Self Confidence improved My Life


By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

I was just a teenager when my late father gave me two books to read. I do not remember the names of the two books, but these two books in fact became the foundation of my future.

One of these books was about an American person, born at the end of the 19th century, who had a  family  history of heart problems, and had some medical problems at birth. The doctors had predicted that he would not survive for long.

The same person however, developed his self-confidence and motivated himself to completely negate the predictions of doctors. During the years to come, he charted out and invented exercises that could be done lying in bed. He experimented all on himself.  The book included his photos. I remember one photo taken during his 70’s, which showed him looking younger than his real age.

The other book was also dealing with self-confidence, and also the way we should live in this world. Since I do not remember the title of the book, I will call it  “Step forward or leave the way for others“.  It was a wonderful book which had written the ways how we can improve our self-confidence and can succeed in overcoming our weaknesses. The book had mentioned that we must be able to re-check our weak and powerful points, and should find the ways to use our positive aspects to overcome the weaknesses. The book had mentioned that each of us can work wonders in this world, if we learn to trust ourselves, and build our self confidence.

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These two books, over years, constantly showed me the way to be a positive person. Like others, I too have my weaknesses, both physically and psychologically. I too have ups and downs in my life. I know my weaknesses very well, and have suffered a lot due to them. But I have learned how we can keep our morale high and to keep on moving forward, despite all our weaknesses and hurdles in the way.

I remember my childhood, torn by frequent sickness, visiting doctors and using medicines. By the age of 24 I was a patient of tuberculosis, having problems with my lungs. The whole my life I am a patient related to my digestive system.

I had been a student, always bullied by others. Total absence of confidence had marred my school days. I could not speak a word in front of the class or anywhere. My self-confidence was nil.

But over years I learned how to overcome my weaknesses.

First of all during my late twenties, I stopped using medicines. I studied books to gather information about the functioning of the human body and internal systems. As a first step I stopped using medicines. I started analysing myself and all sicknesses that I was having. Ever since, whenever I get sick I try to find out what I had Ahmet resting smldone wrong and where. Once I find that particular reason, I try to out-do the effects of that same action. Taking rest is the most common form of treatment, that people usually do not accept.

Over the years I have learned to bear pain. I  do not instantly look for pain killers etc, whenever I get sick. I change my daily routines, to overcome the problems that I pass through. Of course the process is difficult and pain bearing is the most effective method, according to my experience.

During my twenties, I decided to be careful about my fitness. My fitness schedule was Ahmet running smlvery different from others. I had made fitness exercises a part of my daily routine. Eating everything, but using the calories by walking and running was my only daily workout. It still is the same. For the whole of my life I became particular about long sleeps. Rest is the best medicine.

I acknowledge my weakness of not being able to talk in front of people. I overcame this weakness by replacing it by developing my writing abilities. I say whatever I want to say, by writing it on paper. Still I find it very difficult to speak in public, but I do know that my views reach many more people, through my writing.

I try to make my life better and easier by remaining in search of ways and means to get best use of my abilities one way or another. However the most difficult aspect is to overcome the weaknesses. Still I cannot say that I have overcome my weaknesses, but I can say that I am doing my best not to be depressed by my so many weaknesses.