Halloween and Birthday Party at Villa Diva, Catalkoy


 By Margaret Sheard …

To celebrate Halloween and the forthcoming birthday of Demetra George Mustafaoğlu we went, suitably attired, to Villa Diva in Çatalköy for a joint party which was being held for both occasions.

Unlike other years when there has been a Halloween Happening for charity at Villa Diva, with a huge gathering of people, it was decided this year to keep it to a family and friends occasion.  To see video made at the 2015 Halloween Happening, see below.

Most people were dressed for Halloween and there was a lovely assortment of costumes and of course make-up.

Demetra had provided a lovely buffet and there were some great Halloween decorations around the room.   The guests were generally chatting together and in between there were some games for the children, who were all very excited to be joining in the party atmosphere.

During the evening some of the young female guests showed their dance skills and Demetra’s protégée, Peri Sualp, sang for the guests accompanied by Muharrem Cemoğlu with his classical guitar, and we also enjoyed more music from him.

Later everyone gathered around the buffet table for the cutting of the celebration cake.  There were 2 candles on the cake which Demetra had great difficulty in extinguishing, constantly blowing them out, only for them to re-ignite, much to the amusement of those watching.   Eventually the cake was cut and served with ice cream, and it was delicious.

We weren’t able to stay until the end but I am sure there was much more fun and games enjoyed by the guests.

Thank you Demetra and Mehmet for inviting us to your lovely home to celebrate with you.

There are more pictures in the following slideshow.

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