July 1, 2022


By Hope 4 Pets Admin …


After a couple of months of worry and uncertainty, the admin of Hope 4 Pets have been deeply moved by the uplifting positive comments we have received in person and on Facebook. It was lovely to read all your comments about H4P and the huge impact it has had on the community in North Cyprus.

Over the last month we have received 15 new people who have set up Standing Orders, and we have promises of another 9 people setting up Standing Orders in November.   The standing orders per month have now risen to £412.50

We have also had some significant donations in October, which have boosted our bank balance and we have had some new paid up members join H4P the charity.

We have also had offers of hands on help with various projects, including the stall, events, and membership, thanks go out to Barbara Burton, Karen Laine, Sarah Heffernan and Corrine & Mick Prior for all their help and support.

So it is with cautious optimism that Admin have decided to see what the New Year brings, if November and December can be as good as October as far as people setting up Standing Orders and we can get yet more people to help with events, marketing etc. to lessen the load, even a couple hours a week, or just when they can, it would be very much appreciated.

To encourage people to join our charity membership, we will also be re-launching our membership scheme in January. All new members (including members who have joined in October, November or December) will receive a welcome pack, with free gifts, together with their own unique membership number. We hope to secure discounts at a number of outlets, where becoming a H4P charity member will save you money, we will also be holding various events throughout the year which will be member only events, and also launching a members only H4P Facebook page which will not be open to the public. We also hope to hold free prize draws, again for members only.

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