Cafe Deniz beach cleaning in Karakum on 3rd November 2018


By Chris Elliott…

With an improvement in the weather since the 12th and 13th October when a beach cleaning event was cancelled, we are saddened to learn from Gill Radcliff at Cafe Deniz that the nearby Karakum peninsular is in desperate need of cleaning plus the beach area and she is promoting a further beach cleaning on Saturday 3rd November starting at 11.00am and would like all the help she can get.

Gill is arranging a cleaning of the beaches on either side of the Karakum headland nearby to Cafe Deniz and she invites those who would like to take part to meet with her at Cafe Deniz at 10.45am and then to proceed to the beaches at 11.00am to commence the cleaning and on completion they will be given a complimentary drink as a sign of appreciation.

At 12.00 noon at Cafe Deniz there will be an Arts and Craft Fair with stalls selling Driftwood Signs, Plaster and Artwork.

If any local reader would like a stall to promote and sell their  products please contact Gill direct on 0548 826 4682

All are welcome to go along this Saturday 3rd November to help out with this beach clean and make it a fun day and more information can be found on the Cafe Deniz and Gill Radcliffe Facebook pages.

There is also a donation collection box at Cafe Deniz for visitors  who may wish to help the Hope 4 Pets charity


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  1. Hi. I am Leila and live in Famagusta. I will be so glad to join this community for Famagusta and near places

    • Hello Lelia,

      Thank you for your offer and we have shared your message on a number of Facebook page and hopefully some people will contact you and together you may be able to form a group to start cleaning.

      Temiz Kibris/A Clean Cyprus