Environment protection

Come what may, the North Cyprus Beach Cleaners are in action again!


By Chris Elliott…

Friday 12th October saw horrendous storms with rain and thunder rolling along our northern Cyprus coastline which due to predictions of similar weather for Saturday resulted in the cancellation of many open air events.

These included the Ahmet Abdulaziz Run/Walk over the mountains in aid of No Straws North Cyprus to a reception at Tim’s Cafe in Ozanköy and also a beach cleaning event at Cafe Deniz in Karakum.

Life can be very unpredictable as the weather on Saturday would have been near perfect for these events but as they say you can’t keep a good man (or lady) down as a group of Russians and their friends came to Karakum to help out with the beach cleaning and this is what Diana Suyunshalina had to say about their visit.:

“We could not find Deniz Cafe, and then we were informed that the cleaning was cancelled, because of the weather. Anyway, we found a very beautiful place somewhere in Karakum, but also full of garbage. So we collected some garbage and loaded our cars with it as much as we could.

But there is still a lot of garbage left there so we should clean there again soon.”

With this sort of dedication to a cause like cleaning up North Cyprus, if there were another 10 or 100 people for everybody taking part in Diana’s cleaning event on Saturday joining in with the cleaning events, very soon the problem of rubbish on our beaches, roadside and public parks etc could be swept away.


OK  so how about more local readers reaching out and joining this merry group of international beach cleaners including those with the No Straws North Cyprus group..