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The Foreign Residents in the TRNC now meet at Sultan’s Restaurant, Catalkoy


It was good to see that The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) are now holding weekly social meetings at Sultans Restaurant Çatalköy.

These will be every Wednesday between 15:00pm and 17:00pm and this is what TFR organiser Ove Craehn had to say about the new TFR meeting place.

“Now there is a meeting place east of Kyrenia/Girne where you can meet nice people from many countries. We searched and found a cosy place called Sultan’s Restaurant in Çatalköy and you are welcome there every Wednesday between 15:00pm and 17:00pm for a beer or drink, a glass of wine or maybe just a glass of water. Come alone or with friends to talk away time for a while.

The representatives of the association TFR have also joined the Wednesday meetings at Sultan’s and TFR, consists of approx. 300-350 members from 28 different countries and have their headquarters west of Kyrenia/Girne with meetings on Fridays at the restaurant Sea Point in Lapta.

Members living east of the city who also want a place to meet can now come to the Sultan’s Restaurant in Catalköy on Wednesdays.

If you want to become a member of TFR, which is not a requirement, you can get information about this at our Wednesday meetings. It is a nice association organizing parties, excursions and trips etc. etc.

There was a successful premiere session last Wednesday 3rd October at Sultan’s Restaurant when TFR members from Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain came together.

There is room for many, many more so we look forward to seeing new guests and members at the next Wednesday meeting.

Our meeting place is: Sultan’s Restaurant, Bes Parmarklar Caddesi 193, Catalköy.

(Coming from Acapulco/Esentepe, it is on the right side after the Eminaga Garden Centre. Coming from Kyrenia/Girne, it is on the left side after the turning to the Malpas Hotel).