December 12, 2023


By Demetra George Mustafaoĝlu…….
Grammy List Nominee…….

It was a once in a lifetime and unforgettable night at the Salamis Antique Theatre in Famagusta with the brilliant concert pianist/composer Fazil Say who is also a hero in his own right.

The execution of the Saint Saens Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Opus 22 was tight and luscious with the Presidential Symphony led by TC Maestro Ali Hoca. The audience was so appreciative of the music they jumped in with applause between movements but who could blame them as this kind of music making is so rare here and history making. Say presented this work with great flair and emotion feeling every note he and the orchestra shared.

Fikri Toros, Beril Öztunalı, Demetra George Mustafaoĝlu, FAZIL SAY and Mehmet Mustafaoĝlu

His TROY composition sans symphony which debuted in August of this year for the 3000 year old world heritage celebration of Troy in Çanakkale brought almost 16,000 people to their feet! The ovation seemed never ending. Yes!!

The concert was oversold and several hundred were seated on the sand and even more left standing, all to catch a glimpse, hear the genius, brilliance and mastery of this art by award winning Fazil Say. He made his piano talk, sing, cry and draw pictures for the audience to hear, see and feel. Those who missed it can never imagine how this great artist put his body, soul and imagination into creating this piece of history and stood it, living before all to almost touch rather than merely read from a book or watch in a black and white film.

Thank you Fazil for sharing your gift with North Cyprus. It was absolutely unforgettable! We await your glorious return. Maybe two nights next time for more to share.



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