Sea and Sand , Underwater Beach Clean Up and Festival at Guzelyali beach


Cyprus Underwater Explorers dive centre and No Straws North Cyprus have joined forces to organise an underwater clean-up on Sunday 30th September.

The underwater clean-up will take place at Guzelyali beach starting at 10am. Four dive centres will be participating including Cyprus Underwater Explorers, Deep Penetration, Amphora and North Cyprus British Scuba Centre.

“I approached Claire from No Straws earlier in the year,” explains Ed Sezener. “I’ve been seeing more and more rubbish and plastic in the sea when I’ve been diving and I have found it really upsetting, so I wanted to see if we could do something about it.

Initially the event was going to be a beach and underwater clean-up, but as Lapta Beleidiye decided to hold their own clean-ups at Akdeniz on 8th September and Guzelyali on 22nd September, the emphasis has now been moved to underwater.

“We started No Straws to try and raise awareness of the plastic problem,” said Vashti Surya-Harrell. “So we are very happy to work with Ed on a project like this and hope to encourage a lot of people to come along.”

The underwater clean-up is due to start at 10am followed by a festival at Sardunya Bay stating at 1pm. Where there will be live music.

“We have musicians and DJs playing during the afternoon and there will be stalls for people wishing to raise awareness or sell items which are environmentally friendly,” explained Peter Harrell. “Entry will be free and there is no charge for the stalls. The important thing is to raise awareness.”

A Facebook event has been created on the No Straws North Cyprus Facebook page and everyone is welcome to come along to help click here. Volunteers for the underwater clean-ups are still welcome to sign up.

Con Kahve Lefkosa have donated hessian bags to collect the rubbish from the underwater clean-up, as they will completely break down and not add to the plastic problems unlike plastic rubbish bags.

For more information on the underwater Clean-up please contact Ed Sezener on 0548 820 4715. For details on the festival, contact Claire Morley on 0533 866 2758.

Come along to help clean our island and learn more about environmentally friendly products and ideas in Cyprus.