July 1, 2022
  1. Yıldırım to visit TRNC …
  2. Muratağa, Sandallar and Atlılar Martyrs commemorated …

Yıldırım to visit TRNC

The Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Binali Yıldırım, will pay a visit to the TRNC today upon the invitation of his TRNC counterpart Teberrüken Uluçay. It will be Yıldırım’s first visit abroad since he started his new duties.

Within the framework of his visit, Yıldırım will be received by President Mustafa Akıncı.

Later he will be meeting with the Speaker of the TRNC Assembly Teberrüken Uluçay, and Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman.

Martyrs from Muratağa, Sandallar and Atlılar have been commemorated with ceremonies

126 Turkish Cypriots from Muratağa, Sandallar and Atlılar who were massacred by the Greek Cypriots on 14 August 1974 were commemorated with ceremonies at the Muratağa-Sandallar Martyrs Monument and Atlılar Martyrdom.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay and Vice President of the Assembly Zorlu Töre also attended the ceremonies.

In his speech at the ceremony, Töre said that Turkish Cypriot people had suffered so much up to the 20th of July Peace Operation but the incidents that had been experienced in Muratağa, Sandallar, Atlılar, Alominyo, and Taşkent were not the results of the war, it was barbarism.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriots were massacred with the aim of genocide at these villages, Töre said that if Turkey’s intervention had not happened, all Turkish Cypriots would have been killed.

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