June 26, 2022


In 2015, 268 teachers participated in Cyprus culture and ecology education activities carried out at the eco tourism establishment Nitovikla Garden Hotel in Kumyali.  2,357 students from 32 Primary Schools received Cypriot culture education.

Training has continued for students from 87 schools, in various studies, with transportation support provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

The Ministry of Tourism and Nitovikla owners, Zekai Altan and his wife Kader Altan, signed the Cyprus Culture Education protocol supporting the Cyprus culture education work.

Altan, stated that the support he has received from Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu in respect of transportation and education was very much appreciated. Agro-tourism and ecotourism are the most important principles, and Altan thanked Minister Ataoğlu for his contribution to the sustainability of the project.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu explained that “Culture is the most precious product that can provide image value in tourism”.

The Minister of Tourism, Ataoğlu stated that they continue to work on behalf of introducing the country’s culture and said that the work carried out overlaps with the cultural promotion activities carried out overseas.

“We are the supporters of all work that is right,” said Ataoglu, who said that the results of the training were satisfying.

Ataoğlu underlined the fact that in total 7,600 students have been trained and that a very serious student body has been created. “We saw it as a mission to support the project to introduce and learn about the culture of our country. It is our duty to support the self-sacrifice that is given. We are determined to continue this mission. Let’s not forget that the most prominent tourist product of a country is the culture of that country. Countries come and go with their tourist products. Here we are promoting the introduction of these products and maintaining them. I congratulate and appreciate our valuable stakeholders who contributed to this project”, he said


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