Ministry of Tourism : Development of Hotel Management


Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu, who has been carrying out reviews of the hotels in the Famagusta and Bafra regions to listen to the problems of the business owners and employees in the industry, said that the views and suggestions of the investors and tourists are the guides for him.

Ataoğlu emphasized that the development of hotel management is essential for the development of tourism. Ataoğlu stated that they will continue to work hand in hand to meet the expectations of the sector and to create a dynamic structure. “Our aim is that there will be tourism for 12 months of the year”.

Minister Ataoğlu underlined that tourism has a crucial place in the development of the economy, pointing to the importance of raising standards in the accommodation sector by saying, “The first aim should be to get quality services, especially for the tourists who visit northern Cyprus.

He also stated that “quality services will increase tourism revenues” and the measures taken by the Minister of Tourism and Environment will be in line with the information received from the investors in the region before the ministerial council and then at the Council of Ministers without delay.


Minister Ataoglu stated that the tourism sector is an undisputed place in the Northern Cyprus economy and emphasised that “We are creating supply and we should work harder to increase demand”. He stated that they had started with the Famagusta and Bafra regions and that these visits would cover all tourist facilities.

The Minister also expressed that they are aware of the fact that the cost of airline ticket prices has lowered the motivation of the sector but the government has said that they are working on many alternatives and they are making serious progress. Turkey’s elections resulted in a slowdown of Ataoğlu’s process, but he has said he will continue to increase the related work in the coming months.