Animal care

A heartwarming story of Amber and her seven puppies


By Richard Beale …..

After writing about a day in the life “TRNC Dog Whisperer” Rob Astley (see Cyprusscene E. newspaper issue No 31) I am pleased to report on a story Rob told me that for once has a happy ending.

Earlier in the spring of this year Rob had a phone call from a friend in Kucuk Erenkoy saying that there is a dog here with puppies, but they are inaccessible as they are in a storm culvert.

Off went Rob to investigate and yes the puppies were indeed in a water pipe, and the mother dog was getting very stressed as she was unable to get to them to feed them. Despite the mother “yelping” she was unable to coax them out and Rob was too large to reach them himself. Eventually what seemed like an eternity they managed to entice them out and seven very hungry mouths feasted on mum’s milk.

Obviously Rob didn’t want the puppies to go back up the drain pipe, but what to do with the mother and the 7 pups?  He loaded them up in his car and took them to an unfinished house near where he lived. It was not in an ideal position as it was near a busy main road, So once again he had to find another safe place for them. It seemed that the dogs had become like gypsies or nomads as Rob and his partner Cheryl tried several locations seeking a safe haven for them. Eventually they were taken back to Kuçuk Erenköy where Rob built a stone shelter for them and visited them three times a day feeding and watering them. The puppies steadily grew and of course in the meantime he was “networking” trying to find permanent or foster homes for the family.

The mother was named Amber, the puppies had not been named yet.

One day while shopping in Girne, Rob got an urgent phone call from a friend to say Amber had been bitten by a snake and was in an appalling state and had hidden herself in the back of a thick bush.

Rob rushed to the nearest vet where he obtained “anti-venom” and went like a “bat out of hell” to Kuçuk Erenköy. He had to literally crawl into the bush, wary of course if the snake was still around, to get to Amber. Her head had literally grown twice the size and she was seriously ill. He managed to inject the anti-venom into her and drag her out of the bush and take her to the nearest vets. It was touch and go, Amber was on a drip for 48 hours and obviously causing Rob and Cheryl stress and concern that she wouldn’t make it.

Amber at the Vets 30 minutes after Rob had given her “anti-venom”

Anyway Amber did finally recover and she was reunited with her children.

This story finally has a happy ending as a lady who wishes to remain “anonymous” said she has quite a bit of land and would gladly take the entire family, feed and look after them.

What a fantastic and generous gesture that was and now these dogs are enjoying their life in Cyprus.

Rob is virtually a “one man band’, though of course he has his “little helpers’. If you can help him in anyway by either donations of money, dog food, etc you can contact him  on either Facebook messenger, Rob Astley, or by telephone 0533 822 7791 or  make  a cash donation to Pay Pal