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Direct Flights London Stansted to Ercan Northern Cyprus, a view by John Aziz Kent


I was pressing for direct flights from London to Ercan when I was very active in tourism, in fact some of my friends in the UK Parliament, including  Lords in the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have had debates click here about the unjust Civil Aviation rule but somehow we never managed to break the Greek inspired Embargoes.

You, together with your group of friends, have tried to bring pressure to bear on the British Government but somehow our TRNC  Government, after losing the Court Case to allow direct flights have, it seems, stopped fighting politically regarding these cases.

Let us hope with you trying and Roger L Jennings from the United States writing letters to our Foreign Minister this may reactivate the politicians here and in London  especially now that there are more of us trying with the help of yourself and Margaret by publishing in your website and Free online weekly Enewspaper.

Dear Chris and Margaret thank you for  helping the TRNC, by promoting Tourism and the spreading of news and reviews from Northern Cyprus around the world by the use of the English Language.

Kind Regards

John Aziz Kent

Honorary President of the TRNC Hoteliers Association


Peace and Prosperity for all Cypriots, An open letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Ozersay