CESV - Civil Emergency Service Voulunteers

CESV (Civil Emergency Service Volunteers) carry on the work of Terry Carter


By Chris Elliott……..

Last week we published the very sad news of the passing of Terry Carter the founder of the 112/CESV (Civil Emergency Service Volunteers) and we received the following message from Diane Loftus who is a member of CESV.

Hi Chris,

I have sent you some  photos of the members of the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV/112), They have been out and about in the TRNC delivering First Aid Training to members of the public, school children and employees of the Girne State Hospital.

The CESV/112 volunteers of First Aiders worked with the Black Olive Cafe, Girne State Hospital and  English School of Kyrenia (ESK).

Also members were present at the well known event Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble as First Aiders and the Florence Nightingale event at the ESK supporting  and training the primary school children.

Anyone wishing to know more about the CESV/112 or wanting to join the team can contact Steve Collard on Tel: 0548 845 5927.