December 12, 2023


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Turkish Cyprus Motorcycle Association organised the second race of the 2018 Enduro Championship on Sunday 27th May, 2018, at Iskele.

Sponsored by the Iskele Municipality, a large number of race enthusiasts turned up to watch the competition, despite very hot weather. Divided into two different categories , 36 participants competed in the race on a 800 meters long track.

Following is the list of the winners of the race in different sections:

MX1A Section MX1B Section MX2 Section
1.Yücel Topcu 1.Çağlar Çakır 1.Fırat Demir
2.Yunus Özyay 2.Arif Düdükçü 2.Hasan Sezgin
3.Ahmet Yıldız 3.Ali Savaşan 3.Masar Moda
ATV1 Section ATV2 Section ATV3 Section
1.Buğra Tabak 1.Halil Ersoy 1.Şevki Akdeniz
2.Temel Atillaoğluları 2.Sona Sing 2.Buğur Kambillili
3.Ahmet Türkoğlu 3.Ahmet Miralay 3.Mehmet Damdelen



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