December 11, 2023


By Peri Sualp…

Two weeks ago I had a second visit to New York City (NYC) with my mum and aunt. My first time was 4 years ago when we stayed for two weeks in a massive house but unfortunately we were outside NYC therefore I didn’t have so much time to spend among the breathtaking skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Even though I was 8 years old NYC was the city that has remained in my memories together the other places I’ve visited in the USA. It has a different charm to other metropolitan cities – a different energy… indescribable charm and attraction.

It is definitely crowded but the good thing is you can see all sorts of different people from all around the world, people running here and there, people with weird outfits, people performing almost in every corner.

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Even though everywhere seems to be full of massive buildings, I personally think they are absolutely amazing. You feel driven to those buildings when you are walking on the streets of NYC. Besides there is a huge park located in the middle of the city called Central Park and it is as if it is the lungs of NYC. There are lots of activities going on there as well. People lying on the grass, children playing ball games, some people performing, some are selling something, portrait painters etc. I had my portrait made but it doesn’t look like me at all. There is also a traditional horse and cart riding around the park. Our rider turned out to be from Turkey.

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There are worldwide famous museums in NYC as well such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), American Museum of Natural History etc.  We only managed to visit Metropolitan and I think only a small section of it as it is enormously huge (58.820 square meters). In this museum you can find 5000 years of art from around the world. They took so many valuables, paintings and artefacts and so many things, even a temple and pyramid from Egypt, literally everything from everywhere in the world and now they are preserved and presented to the visitors again from all around the world! For example, there was a big section about Cyprus which exhibits ancient art from our historical island. There was jewellery, coins, statues and many more about Cyprus in these galleries and I thought ‘we had to come all this way to see the ancient assets of our island’.  In a way maybe it is good so this way they are well preserved and everyone around the world who can’t come all the way to Cyprus can have a chance to see them!

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NYC is not all about buildings, museums and Central Park of course. One of the most important attractions especially for me is Broadway where you can find many different theatres which perform various shows and musicals. Last time I had a chance to see the musical show of Cinderella and this time we watched Wicked. It was absolutely fantastic. I wish we had more time to see more shows.

As I said NYC was really crowded and we had such limited time therefore we couldn’t get to wait in the long queues of the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building. But I dragged my mum and aunt to my dream school in order to have another close look for the second time – Julliard. We even had a chance to talk with the administration, it was a disappointment when I found out they only accept 18 students per year but still who knows, if I am destined I’ll be studying in Julliard in the future.

I know that the things to talk about NYC is countless but that was my trip to the Big Apple  – until next time…….

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