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EFRAR Grand Auction and Raffle Review

By Sue Steel – EFRAR 2018 Organising Committee …

The final event in the EFRAR 2018, supporting Tulips, calendar was the Grand Auction and Raffle at Stevie’s Bar and Restaurant in Küçük Erenköy which raised 11,758TL.

The evening was attended by about 50 people who responded generously to the raffle and then the Grand Auction which included an external house paint for a 3-bed villa by the Carrington Group, along with other numerous donations.

Stevie and Linda Stockwell, owners of Stevie’s and their whole staff laid on a sumptuous buffet with 8TL from each meal being donated to EFRAR 2018, supporting Tulips.  As there was food left over, Stevie came up with the ingenious idea of  take-a-way cartons for anyone wishing to fill them up for a further donation of 10TL per carton to the event.

Compère for the evening was Brian Hills, who also sang and produced a quiz during the evening. He also very generously donated an auction prize of a dog or cat portrait which went down very well with all the animal lovers.

Presentations were made to the winners of the Car Treasure Hunt, The Musketeers, which took place in January and to the overall winner of the Fishing Competitions, Brian Hills, which have been taking place at regular intervals this year.

A small presentation was also made to Karl Rugg, the Auctioneer, who has been the volunteer auctioneer at this event for several years.

Mary Watson, Chair Person of EFRAR 2018, supporting Tulips, commented: “This has been a fantastic night but we could not have done it without the support of so many people.  Our thanks to Stevie, Linda and their staff for hosting us again this year and for putting on such a great buffet and donating a proportion to us, to Brian Hills for entertaining us so royally, to Karl Rugg for his energetic style of auctioneering and to all those who either donated or bought auction or raffle prizes.  It is gratifying to know people are still prepared to turn out to these events to support us supporting Tulips.”

EFRAR 2018 supporting Tulips

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